Elkskin - Hide - CRAFT GRADE

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Elkskin - Hide - CRAFT GRADE - Great for moccasins, mitts, outdoor gear, bags, purses, beadwork, etc. 

This Elkskin Hide is a craft grade, it will potentially have light scarring and bug bites. It is a great hide for smaller projects.  Available in four colours, Black, Tan, and Gold, and copper as well as multiple weights. We have this hide in stock semi-regularly, they are farm-raised from western Canada. 

Elk are Reindeer on steroids. They will not only pull Santa's sleigh if given the chance, they'll also pound an energy drink and benchpress it, some people would name them Kyle (sorry Kyles).

Minimum order of 5sq ft. For smaller quantities please message or email us.  

These hides have bug bites, scarring, and the occasional hole present. We do our utmost to send you the best possible piece/hide/side.